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"Five Star Crew" was established from 1991 to 1992 with a group of five friends who shared a close friendship and a love for hip hop music. Together they were able to appeal to a wide audience and were known for creating a distinct vibe in any setting. As they're reputation grew, their namesake 'Five Star' took on a more significant definition like the universal symbol known as the highest rating for quality and excellence. For more than ten years they have been around to witness and participate in the evolution of the 'Golden Era' in rap and hip hop. As a result, they have solidified their standing by developing the urban scene particularly in the East end of Toronto by providing a creative energy that is innovative yet reminiscent of those times. Despite their vast experiences traveling all around Canada, playing in the hottest clubs, radio stations, along side with the hottest DJ's in T.O., their close friendship and love for hip hop and the urban scene is what drives "Five Star Crew Entertainment" to expand and keep taking it to the next level.


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Canadian Web Award 2003-2004
American Web Award 2003-2004
Official Celebrity Web Award 2003-2004
World Wide Web Award (Gold) 2004-2005

Five Star Crew Ent is a DJ Services, Event Planning & Special Events Entertainment Company with a mission of bringing the people Five Star quality in music and service.

Phone: 416-735-STAR (7827)